The All-in-One Analytics App

Get priceless information about your website audience and learn how to improve its efficiency. Analyze your visitors behavior and understand how they interact on your website. ADSense Guard offers you two real-time reports, the main dashboard displays all metrics on a single page, the “Right now” allows you to monitor the current users activity on your website.

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Get Real-Time Visitor Insights

Digging into historic data to analyze past performance and visitor behavior is essential for your website’s long-term success, but knowing what’s happening on your site right now can prove just as valuable. With Siteimprove ADSense Guard you can measure and understand visitor behavior and engagement as it happens. Get a real-time snapshot of where your visitors are coming from, how they found you, what pages they are looking at, and much more. See whether your latest campaign is attracting visitors or whether the newly published blog post really gets the clicks you hoped for.

Spot Trends and Patterns as They Unfold

ADSense Guard is your foot into the door of real-time marketing, allowing you to identify patterns, trends, and hot topics as they emerge. Monitor how traffic fluctuates by the minute and use Live Heat Maps to see how visitors interact with your site in real time. With these insights, you can confidently optimize timing and placement of content to ensure it has the greatest reach and impact. You’ll also be able to quickly point out if something goes wrong so you have the chance to react in an appropriate and timely manner.

Location Data

Where are your visitors located? Your Visual Visitor analytics data will show you which countries, states or regions provide the most traffic to your website. You can then take that information and focus your marketing efforts to either increase your traffic in areas of lower volume, or fine tune your marketing in areas of higher volume.

Device Data

How are people accessing your site? Does your traffic originate from mobile devices, laptops, or desktops? Knowing which devices your website visitors or customers are using to access your business website is a valuable piece of knowledge for any business as it allows them to optimize the design of their website accordingly. Visual Visitor’s Website Visitor Analytics section gathers detailed information like: Top Browsers, Unique Visitors by Browser, Top Operating Systems, Unique Visitors by Browser Version, Unique Visitors by OS, Unique Visitors by Device Type, and Unique Visitors by Browser Resolution.

Referrer Data

How is visitor traffic getting to your website? Knowing this allows you to better focus your marketing dollars to maximize for higher sales/conversions. For example, is your website visitor traffic coming from other websites, add campaigns, email campaigns, or social media?

Engagement Level Data

If you knew the engagement level of your visitors, would that change the way you present your company products/services on your website? Knowing how many of your daily visitors are:
First Time Visitors
Returning Visitors
Or Bounced Visitors
A Step Further:
Knowing these numbers tells you how effective your website is and how effective your marketing platforms are. If you have a high first time visitor rate, you know that the marketing that you currently have in place is driving potential leads to your site. If your returning visitor rate is low, you know that some additional research needs to be done to determine why those visitors are not returning. Finally, if your bounced visitor rate is high, this could indicate that the marketing is not sending the right leads.

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