Scan your site and remove all malware

Scan your site for malicious objects whenever you want. Astra's machine learning powered malware scanner is available to you 24/7.

With Astra security, you can sleep sound knowing that your website is safe from hackers, bad bots, SQLi, XSS, spam, and 80+ other types of attacks. All in one. Astra ensures your third-party plug-ins are safe, and patches up site vulnerabilities automatically!

Scan your site now
Unlimited Scans
Get unlimited automatic malware scans whenever you want. Along with any malicious code, the scanner will also flag any core file changes in your website's file system.
Automatic Malware Scans
Automatic scans that take less time than grabbing a coffee. Review flagged files & take suggested actions right in your dashboard, with no additional setup required.
Scheduled Scans
Schedule automatic scans to run daily, weekly or monthly. The scan report lands straight in your inbox after every scan so you can review the results. Just set it and forget it.
Automatic Malware Removal
Take necessary action right within the Astra dashboard. Review and delete malicious files easily. Take control of your security and clean malware with one click. 
File Difference Visualization
Ensure authenticity of your code by tracking changes in the core CMS files of your website. View changes, review code and take action all within our dashboard.
Light-weight and Efficient
Built with performance in mind, Astra’s malware scanner is optimized to use almost zero resources on your server. No performance issues or latency for your customers, ever.
Machine Learning Powered Engine
Powered by an always-evolving Machine learning engine that works on Markov chains. Every new scan is better and more smarter than the last one.
PDF & Email Reports
Get PDF & email reports right in your inbox so you can easily monitor threats and are always up to date with your website security status without spending too much time.
Collective Intelligence
Powered by a machine learning engine that allows collective intelligence to come into play for precise malware detection. It gets better with every threat it analyzes.

Scansione malware

La tua scansione di malware leader del settore analizza i contenuti del sito Web, segnalando i contenuti sospetti e dannosi e avvisandoti immediatamente di eventuali problemi da correggere.
Daily outside-in scanning checks for over 10 million threats Stops search engine blacklisting by alerting you to issues before they’re detected by crawlers Stops malware infections that cause slow load times and attacks on website visitors

Scam Spam

I siti Web e gli indirizzi IP elencati nei database della blacklist dello spam potrebbero avere le loro e-mail bloccate o inviate alle cartelle spam dei destinatari. Una scansione spam garantisce che il tuo sito Web non sia elencato in uno di questi database.
Daily scans of your website’s IP address and domain name against multiple spam databases
Alerts you to “bad neighbor” blocks—when a website shares an IP address with another domain sending spam on a shared hosting platform, all websites on that IP address are sometimes blocked
If an issue is detected, you are immediately notified, allowing you to correct the issue before your recipients’ experience errors

Analisi comportamentale

Il motore di intrappolamento all'avanguardia analizza il comportamento del malware nei browser desktop e mobile. Emula il comportamento di un visitatore del sito Web facendo clic sui collegamenti, scorrendo la pagina, spostando il mouse e così via. Se viene rilevata un'attività sospetta, ADSense Guard si registra e lo mostra in il rapporto.
Behavioral analysis of malware helps discovering hidden e-commerce spyware, background loads, unauthorized redirects, dynamic black hat seo, and other types of malicious instances being activated upon user action.

Scansioni giornaliere del sito Web

Ti interessa scansionare quotidianamente il tuo sito Web alla ricerca di malware? Sei nel posto giusto. Scopri tutte le scansioni e le funzionalità a tua disposizione come parte dell'acquisto dello scanner del tuo sito Web.

Rimozione malware del sito Web

Se il tuo sito è stato violato o infettato da malware o spam, dovresti agire rapidamente per riparare il danno, proteggere la tua reputazione e impedire che il tuo sito web venga inserito nella lista nera. Il tuo sito web è già contrassegnato come Questo sito potrebbe danneggiare il tuo computerin Google e i tuoi clienti vengono spaventati? Offriamo un aiuto rapido e affidabile!
We can quickly clean your website, find out how it was hacked and help to protect against future attacks. It is essential to the also remove the Backdoors which would otherwise allow the hackers to immediately retake control of your website!

Protezione contro gli hacker

Chiudi le vulnerabilità sul tuo sito web As part of the cleanup of your website, we also fix the main weaknesses in the common CMS installations based on Apache and PHP (e.g. for all Joomla and WordPress Websites). We install protection on your site against the most common attacks.

Proteggi i siti in un secondo

È possibile distribuire Virusdie Website Firewall (un firewall per applicazioni Web) automaticamente in meno di un secondo per proteggere i siti dagli attacchi più comuni. Protegge da hacking, malware, richieste dannose e acquisizione di contenuti, attacchi XSS, iniezioni di SQL, upload di codici dannosi , attività sospette e liste nere. L'installazione è automatica e richiede solo un secondo!