NO AdSense Banned
Auto Stop Click fraud

Stop click fraud the easy way with ADSense Guard

You know, your Adsense Account is in danger, this is not a joke, this is as true as you are breathing from some past days, many bloggers experiencing heavy invalid activity, plagiarism and illegal content in their Adsense account. ADSense Guard protects your Adsense account and helps you to increase your Adsense earnings through its tools which created to prevent invalid clicks and detect adblockers then hide content, show them a message or redirect them to a custom page..

Start using the Click Guard
Full Control
You have the possibily to set up rules for: suspect IPs, automatically block IP, automatically block IPs using Rule Hour , automatically unblock IPs , email alerts for suspect/fraudulent IPs , And More
Automatic IP blocking
Once a fraudulent (or suspect) IP is being identified, we are able to automatically block it (exclude it) from all your active ADSense campaigns.
Manual blocking/unblocking
If it is more convenient for you to block/unblock manually the IP addresses, then you can also use this kind of option.
Tracks IP Address
Tracks IP Address, Cookies, Country , Keywords, Browser, OS, Time , Date etc...
Full Reports & Analyze
Latest Visitors & Ad ClicksDaily Ad ClicksSuspect &Blocked IP Addresses List ,Total Blocked IPs,Total unBlocked IPs,IP Address,Referral,Country,etc ..
NO AdSense Banned
It protects your AdSense Account from getting banned.

How does it work?

This service counts all clicks on your Ads. When the clicks exceeds a specified number it will be deactivated and hidden. The clicking user or bot will be blocked on a IP basis for further clicks. At the same time the plugin sends you a notification by email.

Keep an eye on every visitor

ADSense Guard will analyze any visitor to your website no matter where they came from or how they found your site. This lets us identify fraudsters before they even click your ads.

Full protection with no downtime

click fraud protection works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our automated systems can detect and prevent click fraud with amazing accuracy

Why would Google ban me?

In easy words: Google takes care that every click on any AdSense advertising is done by a real human visitor. Automatic clicks by crawl bots or a lot of automated or manual processed clicks (a so-called Clickbomb) can lead to a complete and permanent exclusion from the Google AdSense service. All your earnings are lost and it is very hard to get back the access to your account. (In most cases impossible) The motivation behind such automatic clicks is very different. Maybe some competitor wants to harm you or a technical leads to multiple clicks by a human user. They all have in common that you as the AdSense account owner are responsible for any click fraud. You recognize unusual clicks when your page CTR is 1 – 3 % averaged and than it jumps up to 5, 10 or even more.

More Features

  • Disable Ads when a user clicks multiple times on them
  • The userr will be banned and blocked for further clicks
  • Manual blocking by entering a list of several IP addresses
  • See URL and path of clicked ads
  • Statistic and analytic: See all clicks on yours ads, sort able by IP, URL and Time
  • Works with every Theme
  • Simple installation and setup